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The Pac-10 and the East Coast Bias

Posted on: January 2, 2009 2:02 pm
Ray Ratto recently wrote a blog detailing the Pac-10's "easy bowl schedule" and stubbornness in choosing not to play day games during conference play that would supposedly allow them to get more love from East Coast pollsters. There is a lot more to this aside from just playing primarily night games. The Pac-10 Conference doesn't need to change anything to start sitting at "The Big Boys Table", because it already has been doing that forever. You cannot fault the Pac-10 for winning all of their bowl games this year and claim that it is solely because of an easy schedule. Arizona defeated a ranked and highly regarded BYU team, Oregon upset a Big 12 power in Oklahoma St., and Oregon St. showed tremendous defense in their win over Pitt. Cal beat an under manned Miami team, but you can't blame them for the suspensions that crippled the Hurricanes in the Emerald Bowl. Lastly, USC showed the Pac-10 superiority in handily defeating Penn St. in the Rose Bowl. You cannot fault a conference for winning the bowl games they are invited to and they have agreements with. In the future, perhaps the team can schedule more agreements for higher profile matchups, but to claim that the Pac-10 is a second tier conference and needs to do more to bow down to the East Coast powers that be is blasphemy.

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